Oh Wow! Retail Display Aids

How can retailers make sure customers easily understand the unique charm and excitement of Oh Wow! cards?

We supply three forms of aid to retail customers:

Countertop Display Rack

This sturdy and attractive rattan and wire rack features:

• Two panels for explaining and presenting the product.
• We custom design the top panel to focus on each store's needs.
• A slot for holding a sample, with a bar to hold it in place.
• A bin for holding product (up to about a dozen and a half.)
• Additional samples can be clamped to the upper panel using

Oh Wow! Swivel Clamp, described below.


Ring-fitted Sample Insert Sets
Some busy retail situations work best when sample sets of insert cards are provided with rings to keep the various cards from wandering.
Oh Wow! Swivel Clamp

One end of of the articulated Oh Wow! Swivel Clamp holds the card in mid-air, provoking the curiosity of passing customers. All they have to do is look in to get the Oh Wow! experience.

The other end is a sturdy clamp, which can be attached to any wooden, acrylic or cardboard rack (even some designs of wire rack), on which sit the packaged cards.

The articulated arm in the middle allows the card to be positioned to fit the particular needs of that spot in the store.