Going Off the Beaten Track

We've left this set of "post modern" images purposefully ambiguous. For us it expresses ambiguous feelings about our new entrepreneurial venture.

FAQ 1: Are these people really standing on old fence posts, or is this just Photoshop trickery?
Answer: These are real people (Alison and Andrej are their names) balancing on old fence posts in a swampy area near San Rafael, California. After an hour or so of photo shoot, the police showed up. Three different people driving by had reported suspicious, possibly terrorist-related activity. The police were polite, curious, and rather apologetic. We live in strange times.

FAQ 2: is this an old Pink Floyd album cover?
Answer: So many people ask this that we checked out a fan site that offers pictures of every album Pink Floyd ever produced. Nothing remotely similar, as far as we can tell. Shine on nevertheless, you crazy dreamers...

Cover text: none
Inside text: none

Photo caption:
Going Off the Beaten Track
photos Jim Gasperini