The Best Way Out Is Through

This card references one of Robert Frost's most frequently quoted lines. From "A Servant to Servants," and usually quoted out of context, the line is part of an exchange between a woman exhausted by her life running a country boarding house and her more optimistic, ambitious husband:

He says the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through--

The images come from the same photo shoot with Alison and Andrej as Going Off the Beaten Track. This absurd fence pretends to keep people from walking out along a wooden walkway to some electrical high-tension towers. The walkway runs through an area that may be swampy for a few weeks each year. Most of the rest of the time you can walk right around the fence without even getting your feet wet.

In such a situation, the "best way out" is...?

Cover text: none
Inside text: Frost lines quote above

Photo caption:
Around Over Through
Is It Really There
photos Jim Gasperini